Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Deadline Approaches

We are getting ever closer to that end of June release date and the album is still not finished but we are progressing although not as quickly as we would like. There just seems to be so much to do. For instance we are now legitimate owners of Synthedit which means we can now distribute our own soft synths. Since registering though it became apparent that we can now have more than 16 presets so we spent a lot of time adding more. Yesterday the CyberspaceFX synth was finished but we need to develop a nice looking skin for it before we make it available for download. This may be something we leave until after the album is finished.

Also the website is progressing well with the randomised content adding lots of background information about the group and the futuristic setting which forms the backdrop and inspiration for the whole album. I want to get this live A.S.A.P. as it will replace the old site (although the old content will be archived and available). There is a definite difference between the old amateur sounding 'Flame War' album and the forthcoming 'Cargo Hold 19' album. Our new sound is more punchy and polished which is the difference using one good DAW really makes. We are looking into new hosting options at the moment as the new site needs it. One option we are keen to look into is hosting it ourselves using a very economical server. At this point we don't expect a vast amount of traffic but we do need a lot of storage space.

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