Thursday 3 April 2008

Cyberblog takes off

It seems a long time since we started this project way back in 1996. Since then we have been busy doing our thing with a casual and laid back ethos. We started as a group of amateur musicians donating tracks to a collective project. Now we are working together to create an epic soundscape.

Inspired by legendary works such as Pink Floyds "Dark side of the moon" and Mike Oldfields "Tubular bells", we decided our next project would be an equivalent dance music album based on a futuristic story set 6 centuries into the future. Fusing our own styles of breakbeat, trance, house and techno into a 9-track epic digital masterpiece. The tracks are in various stages of completion along with story line inserts, 3D artwork, the web-site, our very own ringtone and half-a-dozen virtual synthesisers which we made ourselves. We are busy bunnies and hope to release this album at the end of June 2008 if all goes to plan. As we are less than three months away, the countdown has started.