Thursday 17 September 2009

Cyberhythm lend a helping hand

We were recently approached by someone close to the cyber-camp who wanted some music for a Youtube video which wouldn't result in a blocked audio track due to Youtube's legal agreement (or non-agreement) with the UK music licensing authorities. Since this was to enable a 2 year old lad to get some video files about bin-trucks out to the world, we agreed without hesitation and allowed the use of a pre-release version of one of our new tracks.

The video is here:

So good luck to Binman Harry with his video clips and we wish him success with his pocket-money generating website at: Incidentally we also provided a few on-the-fly compositions of about 30-60 seconds for some of his other clips but these are nothing to do with the next album.

At last it's here !!!

No, not the new album. We are referring to the new version of FL studio. During testing of 8.5 beta we discovered a few problems with some of our soft synths. These problems did not exist in FLv8.0 however we recognise that the developers are working hard on fixing things like this so we decided not to use 8.5. This halted production for us because v8.0 has a lot more bugs than v8.5 but there was no guarantee that anything we created in v8.5 beta would work in the final release. Now that version 9.0 has been officially released we are busy testing out all of our tracks and soft-synths before we give it our official thumbs-up and say ok lets get on with CH-19.

For anyone thinking of buying FLStudio, just do it. We bought in at version 6 so this will be the third upgrade we have had since our one-off payment back in whenever it was. I challenge you to get a better deal from any other digital workstation manufacturer.

Thursday 11 June 2009

What happened?

Ok so we failed to meet our own deadline. We are human and sometimes things get in the way of progress. Rather than release an unfinished work we opted to delay release inevitably. It is a bit of an ambitious project but rest assured we are still working on it. Some of the tracks are even finished but we may decide to rework the final mix-downs. There's still a lot to be done to acheive our conceptual ideas for this project.

At least we have now completed our soft-synths collection (Cyberstring, Cybergroove, Cybergroove2, Cybersample, NaturalDrums, CyberTB and CyberSpaceFX) although they are not yet all available on the website. A couple of them have been a bit buggy in FL studio 8.5 even though they worked fine in version 8. Keep watching this space.