Wednesday 2 March 2016

Think it might be party time

In our last post (some time ago) we hinted that something was coming. We got all excited about a small get-together with a group of like-minded people for one single purpose. To create something new with a retro sound. What we ended up with is a set of replacement tracks for some of the music in Minecraft. We had a follow-up event in mind (which would be called 'Grass-tonbury') but then news came out about the sale to Microsoft and what seemed like a good idea at the time turned into a warning signal. Suddenly we had an album full of tracks which contained samples which had now become the property of the mighty M$. Consequently the album never got released anywhere. At some point we may go through those tracks, replace some samples and try again.

That was back in August 2014 and we moved on. Last year we did another set of tracks which resulted in a mix-album. Again we were concerned with whether or not we could release the album as two of the tracks had distinctive sounds from other sources. We've never considered ourselves to be appropriation artists though so again we've kept most of this stuff locked away; although we did upload a track to Soundcloud called '8-bit boogie'.

So it seems like our productive energy follows a natural cycle. We are again working on more tracks, some side projects and also trying to hold down full-time jobs. It was during one of these creative sessions that we realised we started this back in 1996 and that means we've been producing stuff under the Cyberhythm name on and off for 20 years. A lot has changed in that time. Three quarters of the internet now seems to be advertising and our former home ( looks like it's now a shop-front for the major labels (must dig up our first album from the original - our tracks had to wait for 'special approval' because their titles which were taken from the emerging cyber-culture at the time).

We've also upgraded our FL Studio since then (we started at version 6 and have been enjoying the free upgrades ever since - thanks guys & gals at Image-line). If you are here looking for our free VST instruments, hold on for a while longer. It seems in FL 12.2 the midi-channels aren't set-up when the VST is loaded and the old versions show up as 'container' in the FL plug-in list. Converting all the old versions to VST-3 is one of those side-projects we need to find time for. We are liking the new dark theme for SynthEdit but need to go RTM again.

Thanks for checking back; we'll have more news when we've made some!