Saturday 26 June 2021

The very first Cyberhythm NFT

Well it's about time we got around to this. Say hello to our very first NFT created on the WAX blockchain with help from a tutorial video by CryptoStache.

We still have many things to learn. The minting process would not allow us to use this animated gif which is something to figure out before the next one. Also the cards back-image does not display. There wasn't an option to add this from the AtomicHub interface and our attempt to just add in the IPFS file link does not perform the necessary magic. 

This slightly faulty collection is limited to 26 mints. A few will go to family and friends and some will be dropped via keyed transfer links to various communities. If you get one, you might need to untick a 'white-listed only' box to see it since we are not yet white-listed or verified (maybe soon?).

So it was either just mint the first 10 or go ahead with the final 16 knowing they would be faulty. We have chosen the latter as this maintains the integrity of the mint numbers aligned to the original plan. There is a reason we wanted to get 26 NFTs out there on the 26th. This will be explained further once we've drawn up a roadmap of how we intend to tie in the NFTs with our future music releases.

If you've come here looking to find out more or looking for the license-free music as a result of getting a card drop then thanks for visiting and check out our music on soundcloud or our videos on YouTube. All our music is CC0 so you can use any of it in your own projects without any form of attribution. 

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Dance Party !!!!

We've been taking a break from producing to have a look at what's going on in the crypto world; especially the NFT popularity surge.

While anything built on Etherium seems to be the realm of the deep-pocketed, we have become big fans of the WAX block-chain. As well as some big names, emerging artists are able to take part without incurring ridiculous fees to get their work listed and sold. As a result, we've learned about the IPFS (a peer-to-peer file system which hosts the files) and watched some tutorials on how you can release NFT's for free. This is due to WAX giving you a small amount of resources for free which replenish every day. This might just be enough to get you started on sharing your art with the world. 

If you need more, you can buy into the system or it also hosts a few free-to-play games where you can earn the crypto you need to interact with the system. Seriously, playing the Alien Worlds card game for a few hours gives you some virtual ore which can then be exchanged for WAX tokens via an exchange. Staking a few of these tokens gives you more resources to perform transactions, so will be essential down the line if you want to release high volumes of pieces. We had some luck with Alien Worlds in-game drops and it concided with a bit of a gold rush. We ended up re-investing our gains by creating our very own virtual gallery. Yes we can now add curator(s) and art-purchaser(s) to our CV so if you want to check out our tastes, head over to the site and say hello to Stanley the shark :)

If you need some help getting started, check out this article. Apologies to those artists who's work we were unable to add to support. We could easily have spent ten times what we made from playing. 

Monday 8 February 2021

Lockdown Rhythms Volume 2: Now on YouTube

It seems that the first lockdown was a surprisingly productive time for the Cyber crew. Less commuting, stay-at-home if possible, shop online to reduce the risk of catching & spreading Covid. It gave us a chance to learn new skills, make more music and spend more time with close family. After adding an additional 50+ tracks  to our archives, we decided to diversify a little and spend some time learning Blender.

Inspired by the likes of YouTube creators such as Isaac Arthur, Ian Hubert, Sergio Hi-tech and VisualDon, we decided to see if we could use the time to add a little video creativity to our projects. We have now reached the point where we are releasing this to see what happens next. There is no ideal outcome. We don't expect to get rich from this and don't expect more than a handful of views throughout 2021. We do however have some insight into exactly how long it takes to create a 10 minute animated video (around 12 weeks with only limited prior knowledge of 3D cad/cam software). 

SFIA has been interesting for us as Isaac also uses Soundcloud, but we soon realised we prefer to access his content via YouTube for the visuals. This became the driving force for us to 'have a go', but we don't have the resources to invest heavily in stock footage. So we decided to see what could be achieved in Blender. We are pleased with the result and hope you enjoy it too. If so, don't forget to subscribe and like (as they say). Who knows, if it goes viral and we get a million views then maybe we'll see if another 12-week video is viable. We already have enough tracks; but at some point the lockdown will end and time will once again become limited.