Monday 26 June 2017

City of Hi-Nrg (#sot2021)

The Cyberteam are pleased to announce yet another mini-mix compilation. Our aim was to produce another mix of no more than ten minutes which could be used as backing music for Youtube videos.

The nine tracks in ten minutes format seems to be working well for us so here we go with round two.

Our thanks go out to the usual suspects - Kat7,  Sunryse, Two-Chordo, JD, Ep1q and again massive thanks to Pewi for the mix.

Track listing:

1 : Kat7 - Building by numbers
2 : Ep1q - Yodelbot
3 : Sunryse - Authentic Waves
4 : Two Chordo - Flirts (Youtube it mix)
5 : JD - Samplication Generation
6 : Ep1q - Zhumbanana
7 : Cyberhythm - N-r-Gen
8 : Dj Pewi - Slave to the Rhythm (Nr-getic mix)
9 : Two Chordo - Oh Brexit! (Moog party mix)

Now available on Soundcloud - copyleft again. Enjoy, spread, share the love and enjoy the festival season.