Thursday 11 June 2009

What happened?

Ok so we failed to meet our own deadline. We are human and sometimes things get in the way of progress. Rather than release an unfinished work we opted to delay release inevitably. It is a bit of an ambitious project but rest assured we are still working on it. Some of the tracks are even finished but we may decide to rework the final mix-downs. There's still a lot to be done to acheive our conceptual ideas for this project.

At least we have now completed our soft-synths collection (Cyberstring, Cybergroove, Cybergroove2, Cybersample, NaturalDrums, CyberTB and CyberSpaceFX) although they are not yet all available on the website. A couple of them have been a bit buggy in FL studio 8.5 even though they worked fine in version 8. Keep watching this space.