Friday, 18 April 2008

Cybergroove update

If anyone has downloaded the cybergroove vst it might be worth getting a fresh copy. It seems the original version copied onto the server filtered out sysex requests which means you may not be able to record changes to the cut-off and resonance sliders during performance. Not good for a bassline synth so I've uploaded a new version which should allow your sequencer to record changes during a performance. So far I've only tested it with Fl-studio and although Fl doesn't show the slider movements as recordable with the red dot below the help menu, it will track the changes as long as you choose to record either score & automation or everything.

The controllers used are: 11 (expression) for cut-off; 2 (breath) for resonance; 7 (volume) for master volume and 1 (modulation) for pitch tuning (linked to both oscillators so could be interesting).

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