Wednesday 16 April 2008

CyberGroove bass synth released

Yes the 32-preset CyberGroove bassline VST synth has now been released as freeware on our own website. It's been a busy time at the Cyberstudios. Steady progress is being made and track 9 is now completed except for the final mixdown. It's a very simple track but effective; It reminds me of 'Hypnosis' by Psychotropic. I remember being in a club called 'Regimes' in Stoke when the Dj played that track. There were loads of chilled-out people standing on the steps all around the dancefloor just moving in time to the music and with track 9 we have tried to make a tune which might inspire the same effect. Time will tell if we've succeeded or not.

We are now slowly getting used to FL Studio and since discovering how to work with audio clips we are finding it a lot more intuitive. It's certainly a lot more powerful than the Atari ST version of cubase 2.5 which we used on many of the last album tracks. There's hardly a midi cable to be seen as well. We are now keen to explore the synthmaker plug-in which has appeared in FL-8 but it seems we would need to pay $225 for a license which allows us to distribute anything we create. For now we will be sticking with synthedit which I'm sure still has a lot of extra functionality we haven't explored yet. Keep watching the website.

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