Tuesday 8 July 2014


It's been a while since we've visited this project. In that time it seems others are gaining advantage on our ranking. So we've done a bit of ego-surfing to find the genuine stuff from our past solo and collaborative projects. Here's a run down of what we found still out there. Who knows maybe this will boost the page rank again.

Our most recent released stuff on Soundcloud
Tracks: Movin 2012 (Olympic mix) & the 45-King (our tribute to Dj Mark the 45 king)

Some legacy Dj Pewi tracks (my old solo project) on IUMA
Tracks: Astral Traveller & Deep in my Heart.

The old website was preserved at Screenshots.com
Wow nostalgia. Now if only I could find the old mp3.com site with us momentarily at the top of the trance chart :).

We also discovered the folks on the forum over at KVR audio mentioned our free soft-synth collection. We have uploaded these to dropbox and posted the links on the forum there [KVR-Audio]. We may need to post a few more messages there for these to work, so I'll put the links here too where I have more control and can stop them being filtered out.


I will have to check if we can get the others archived together with the buzz source files and get them uploaded too.

We never really posted much to friendfeed either did we ;)
I also can't remember why we wanted the modem sound from Freesound.org but there you go. And non-musically related, I also use this handle on geocaching.com, minecraft and GW2 (and anywhere else where others haven't already registered it :) )

So that brings us up-to-date more or less. We never finished the CH19 album but did complete a compilation called S-o-S (Sounds of Stoke). I will have to dig up the old Soundcloud login details and get some of those tracks uploaded if there's any free space left on S/C.

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