Friday 20 December 2013

It's been a while

Just to let you know, the Cyberhythm project is not dead and probably never will completely die. We always have a lot of tracks in progress and for each one that reaches the stage of being more or less complete, there are another ten in progress. Sometimes these can be a few bars with a catchy melody or just a few rhythm loops. Sometimes these get reworked into new tracks.

The amount of time we have to work on these is currently very limited but we might string a few of them together and upload it as a demo reel. Sometimes we remember something we created a long time back and then can't find the original sources to rework them. At the moment we have two albums in progress which will be released when they are ready and not before. Although if we get some good feedback on parts of the demo reel we might concentrate on finishing those tracks first.

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