Tuesday 25 April 2017

Nu Lords of Acid House

The Cyberteam are pleased to announce the fruition of our latest project. Our aim was to produce a mini-mix compilation of no more than ten minutes which could be used as backing music for the Youtube generation.

Although we didn't quite get the ten tracks in ten minutes we were aiming for, we think nine is close enough and we are happy with the result.

Our thanks go out to Sunryse, Two-Chordo, JD, Ep1q and special thanks to Pewi for the mix.

Track listing:

1 : Ep1q - Natural Leader
2 : JD - Say Yeah
3 : Sunryse - Just Bounce
4 : Cyberhythm - Synthetic Adventures
5 : Dj Pewi - Botswana
6 : Two Chordo - Retr0w0bBle
7 : JD - Tranceport Issues
8 : Cyberhythm - This is ma bass!
9 : Ep1q - Still Want U

The mix is now available on Soundcloud.

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