Friday 30 June 2023

Who is S0md3v?

 While we've been playing around with Stable Diffusion and various plug-ins for the past few weeks, one name keeps coming up again and again. Thanks S0md3v, for all you are doing to put powerful AI tools into the hands of us lesser mortals. It's nice to see some of this stuff getting through to those of us with archaic desktops which can run this stuff even though it's half the speed of a cloud solution. 

It's a strange predicament to find ourselves in. We can either fund the sites which give us limited control over our creative process or invest in a more powerful base machine to run this stuff locally. This second option is only available thanks to devs giving us access to the tools that others would prefer to lock behind paywalls.While the tech is not yet evolved enough to realise our ambitions in fluid 4k output, we must encourage the pioneers to keep at it, in the hope that one day those ideas in our heads can be digitised, transformed into reality without the burden of having to master x,y and z just to get our ideas out there.

We have an unfinished album from 1997 which would take a team of 20 over two years to complete (and we would love Ian Hubert to lead the video for that project). Time and money however will always be the limiting factor. The more we are able to complete ourselves, the closer to realisation that project becomes. It may become a niche interest as progress competes against us. It may become our unfinished symphony or an obscure track by an obscure group that nobody ever appreciated, just as Van Gogh never sold paintings while he was alive. As such we realise our tracks might not be for mass consumption, nor gain any traction during our own lives, but that's ok. Just as S0md3v gives to all, so do we. Our music and video content will always be free of all copyright and that's what we encourage from our collaborators. We have no idea where it might turn up which is all part of the fun.Our thanks go out to Pewi, K@t7, Sunryse, Dj Dark, Status Dead, Ep1c, Two Chordo, JD, Holladex and former members of the Milton Massive and we wish you every success possible. Thanks also to Dj Psycho, Luke Furst, Chek Webb, Dj Robert Mixwell, Seymour Fani, et al. One day our ship will come in... and knowing our luck we'll all be at the airport :)